The break up of any relationship- particularly when it involves friends, is always a sticky situation. Whether it’s you or them who leaves the relationship, there are no easy ways to approach the situation. I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum- I’ve been through enough friendships to experience it all… but the one thing I’ve learned is that, in healthy, functional adult friendships, two people can both be super hurt, and both be pissed at each other – and recover. That I can experience pain without it having to mean “it’s over”.  I acknowledge that you can feel really hurt by a close friend – or really angry and pissed at them; and that it’s actually OK to feel those things within the context of a friendship and it doesn’t shouldn’t automatically mean the friendship must be over. Just like family, you can fight with them, feel hurt, but move on without cutting ties with them.

In fact the ability to discuss hurt feelings, apologize when it is due (even if you feel the contrary) and move forward together is what makes a friendship one that can evolve and stand the test of time. But when mature attempts to work out the issues aren’t mutual, or one simply stops trying, that’s when I feel you should question or perhaps, end the friendship. It takes two people to resolve a conflict, just like it takes two people to tango! Like jobs, some friendships – many friendships, in fact – aren’t forever. Like all relationships, it should always be a healthy back-and-forth where things can be brought up and you can get past anything, even immense mutual hurt, together.

P.S I haven’t got any recent pics that can reflect this post but thought I’ll post this one of us 3 at Mt Martha Beach! M & me wearing Marysia swimwear. Xo