IMG_5970_副本 IMG_5988_副本[Outfit: Top from Bardot similar here, Skirt from Sportsgirl similar here, Gladiators from Bata, similar here]

I haven’t actually done a proper pregnancy update, so I thought -about time.

Currently Today: 26 Weeks & 1 Day

Her size: Red Cabbage (according to my babycenter app)

Feeling: Good but bloated like you just drank a whole tank of water/beer. Slightly sorer thighs (I’m guessing from all the squats I’ve been doing at Preggi Bellies classes) It also feels like something heavy is sitting on my stomach/lungs when I lie on my back & when I lean forward, my boobs actually rests right on top of my belly like humpty dumpty & it feels ‘tight’. I’ve started getting cramps more frequently/easily on my calves. It triggers when I’m in bed & stretch my legs, tippy toe like or simply sleeping in a fetal position- which I used to do ALL the time, so I have to quickly stretch it out using my soles instead. If it was particularly bad like Thursday morning, G had to wake up & stretch it out for me. I’m also back at the stage where I get tired easily again. *yawn

Cravings: Japanese- like sushi rolls (nothing raw of course), Fried stuff, fries with loads of chicken salt, SWEETS- chocolate in particular.. I know, I know, judge me all you want. I also really want to eat Hotpot and fish fillets in hot chilli oil. Beer. Watermelon. 

Physical/recent changes: I have a very faint line forming called the linea nigra, gained about 5 KGs? Yep, still have an outbreak of small pimples around my forehead  Sleeping fine, but because of my growing stomach- I sleep just on my left side now with the occasional turns. Also having a bolster, really help. Get this. Aside from that, been getting comments from different ends of the spectrum about my size. My family seem to think I am oddly big- too big even. So I have to eat more nutritiously, cut out sugars etc…and my Caucasian friends or strangers seem shocked to know I’m almost 7 months but look ‘small’- so which is it guys? I’m also experiencing a bit of colostrum leakage. Google it! 

Recent baby items bought this week: This Chicco portacot, Medela Swing breast pump essentials kit.

Wishing: The weather was more like today. Seriously, I have so many non-maternity dresses & clothing that would work so well even for maternity, but I don’t have the chance to really wear them.

She is: Moving heaps lately. Just punching, kicking, somersaults….the nae2… Disco baby

Name: We have picked a name, but will be keeping it a secret until our baby shower which we will reveal to our family & close friends. Stay tuned!

That,is,all…for now. But seriously, thank you to all that have wished my baby & I well- We are doing well…she is doing great– DISCO great & G is really, REALLY excited to meet her so he can fulfil his dream of being a kid all over again. Hopefully nothing else serious comes up. *cross fingers. xx