IMG_6357_副本IMG_6358_副本A Christmas bouquet from G, remnants of M’s baby shower decoration, a glimpse of M at 20 WeeksIMG_6359_副本More of M’s baby shower decoration which I used for her temporary nursery (in our room), & the rotating musical thingo-majig from our Chicco portacot.IMG_6344_副本Samson playing with the baby shower ‘raindrops’ I made
IMG_6360_副本M’s baby gifts from her shower. A Sheridan bunny rattle & an Ikea musical Lamb.

Currently Today: 39 Weeks & 1 Day

Her size/ Weight: As heavy as a mini watermelon & about 51 CM long! (according to my babycenter app)

Feeling: Mostly a lower back ache especially after sitting down & then trying to stand up. On some occasions the pain leave my legs feeling wobbly so G would have to help me up. It gets worse in the evenings even after ‘resting’ on the couch. When I walk now, I feel this sharp twinge near my pelvic/bladder area but I was advised that this is normal now that the babys head is ‘engaged

Cravings: Nothing in particular. Though just feeling peckish all the time- but give me chocolate & I’ll say yes.

Physical/recent changes:My ankles have turned into cankles (especially bloated due to the recent hot week) & fingers have swollen too. None of my rings fit anymore so I wear my wedding band around my neck.

Recent baby items bought this week: Moses basket, Bonds Maternity Bras, Bonds basic baby wear

Wishing: The weather was more like today, sunny but with a nice cool wind. 20-23 Deg is like my perfect weather!

She is: Moving heaps lately. When she kicks, I can almost make out her little feet.

Before my maternity leave, many people commented on how much I have ‘dropped’ & that I wasn’t going to make it to my estimated due date (New Years Day). I was slowly convinced this is true & even preparing to birth around our wedding anniversary date (20th Dec) but now that it’s Boxing Day, it has become somewhat of an anti-climax & now I am more certain that I might even go OVER New Years Day! Thank goodness though G has started his leave so he is around to help me & chill with me (I’m so bored!) I am also now back in my family home for my ‘confinement’ after birth. So there was plenty of moving around stuff & errands, as well as setting up our finishing touches to the bedroom for M’s arrival!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & a GREAT New Year 2016!!