I used to have a semi-casual approach to cooking since our days were flexible and we had plenty of time to create a dish, while sipping on a glass of (my faves) Pinot Gris or nipping into a nice cold beer. But since having Marlowe, the leisurely process of prepping food has given way to whatever is most efficient and simple. Needless to say, we’ve been enjoying lots of take-away (pizza!), eating out, dinner at my mums, or even at times Nutrigrain (not kidding)

Since I haven’t posted much recently about food, here is a revisit to one of my favourite easy dishes that is hearty & great for this cool Autumn weather. It’s so easy because I don’t make it with exact measurements. If you feel like only having pumpkin soup, just don’t add chicken & swap the chicken stock to a vegetable stock.


1. Half a pumpkin- peeled & chopped into chunky quarter pieces. You can dice them too for a quicker cooking process

2. 1 Litre of Chicken stock (or vegetable stock)

3. Quarter butter

4. Half brown onion- peeled & sliced

5. Half roast chicken- more or less if you like, and shred them.

6.Sourdough- toasted in oven.


1. Melt butter in pot & put onions in until slightly soft & brown

2. Chuck in the pumpkin pieces, close lid for 2 minutes & then stir around & repeat for another 2 minutes

3. Pour the entire stock into pot & cover lid until about to boil & let simmer until soft enough to mash with the soup thingmajig.

4. When soft enough that you can press a fork horizontally down on the pumpkin, turn off the stove & purée with the electric thinga-majig. Churn, churn, churn.

5. Add chicken pieces into soup & let simmer again.

6. Serve topped with parsley (just for looks ha) and toasted sourdough!

*P.S you can add the stuffing into the soup too for extra flavour!

IMG_2625 IMG_2628 IMG_2633 IMG_2639 IMG_2641        Sorry for not taking a pretty picture! I thought about doing this post spontaneously just as we were serving dinner!