I just completed the Netflix series Riverdale…I blame it on my 21 yr old sister telling me to & I was super disappointed in the ending. I do give it a thumbs up for the beautiful cast & the setting, colour tone of the show, soundtrack etc of the show. I do love Camila who plays Veronica Lodge & I like how Redheads are making a comeback! Riverdale is based on one of my favourite childhood comics – Archie (My personal fave had always been the Betty & Veronica series) but a bit on the darker side. The plot revolves around the classic ‘who-dun-it’ for the murder of rich kid & twin to Cheryl Blossom, Jason Blossom.

In my own twisted mind, I wish they had made a bit more sense into the killing of Jason Blossom…because I felt the show didn’t really do it much justice & we didn’t feel like we knew Jason at all & then we are supposed to be shocked by the person who killed him.

Watch this trailer first, then if you decide to watch it, finish the series & tell me if you agreed with me on this… If you don’t care, then read on.



  • I wish they showed what Jason was like before he was murdered, like short flashbacks from the characters of Riverdale of their encounters/friendships with him & how they were all personally affected by his death. In the show, it kept stating that ‘the town will never be the same’, but it’s like as if no one cared that he died except Cheryl & Polly.
  • They should portray him that he is the complete opposite of bitchy Cheryl- someone who doesn’t care that he is rich or what your social status is. And that he is a down-to-earth, friends with everybody type of guy- probably why he snagged Pollys heart!
  • They should show a compounding reason as to why or what drove Clifford Blossom, to kill his own son- maybe a pending bankruptcy if Jason leaves Riverdale as he is the chosen heir for the Maple syrup empire by great, grandfather Blossom or something like that. Maybe the brand wasn’t doing so well, but because Jason was so involved with helping the community of Riverdale, they have rebuilt that brand. In desperation (perhaps a rough scuffle) Clifford accidentally shoots Jason, then tries to cover it up.
  • Archie & Grundy? #wtf….
  • Not sure why Reggie isn’t really involved as the main cast…I remembered that in the comics, he was always there.
  • I really didn’t like the character of Bettys mum…it was wayyy too much for the show… I wished they toned it down a little with her bitchiness.

What do you guys think of this show???

Anywho… I am obsessed with the song below from the soundtrack <3