I’ve forgotten how nice it was to just hang out by yourself. Saturday past, I had all morning hanging out at Chadstone by myself due to a catch up with a friend that fell through. I had a nice hearty breakfast & tea, with window seating, admiring the beautiful weather- and of course, the awesome Aussie fashionistas walking past whilst resisting the urge to be freaky and chase after them with “where did you get that from?”. I always end up in my favourite store Zara, and since it was early, I felt I had the whole store to myself! (Don’t you just love when that happens?) Here some of the stuff I’m loving- only because you can wear them even when pregnant!

IMG_2580-1000x750_副本 IMG_2581-750x1000_副本 IMG_2582-1000x750_副本 IMG_2583-750x1000_副本 IMG_2587-750x1000_副本 IMG_2588-750x1000_副本 IMG_2589-750x1000_副本_副本IMG_2584-750x1000_副本 IMG_2593-1000x750_副本