There are so many things I would not wear from my younger days but Denim was a staple for me up till today. In the 90s, I had those crazy raggedy denim shorts mixed with patches of tartan that were a far cry of the punk rock ones now, overalls that often gave me wedgies, vests that lacked the skater cool vibe, to high waisted A-Line skirts that were so nerdy rather than cute. I even used to stick those iron-on patches which resembled more like Care Bears, than a cool peace sign or “I-love-rock” hand gesture.There were so much more which are quite hilarious now in retrospect. This jacket though was love on first sight & have since become one of my favourite outfits which I hope I can keep for my kids. I like the fit, the colour, the spikes on my shoulder like ‘don’t-touch-me-bitch’, the right rips at the right places, and most of all the all Americano flag at the back. Yes.. I attended many parties & threw up countless times whilst wearing this jacket- it’s so uber “Party in the USA”. I tried it on in the store exactly with a white T similar to one in this pic & exactly this leather skirt- and yes you guessed it, bought it right there & then. See me wear this in Tokyo here in an old blog post.

IMG_9864.JPG IMG_9865.JPG IMG_9863.JPG IMG_9867.JPG IMG_9866.JPG

[Outfit: UNIF jacket, many more similar hereZara white T, Leather skirt similar here, AVGVSTA bracelet here, rings & Converse sneakers stolen from my sis)