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I first saw this dress on Dani Song & felt the compelling urge to find out where she got it from, so I stalked her until she revealed that it can be purchased from Anarchy Street. I just had to have this dress which embodied everything I wanted in a Night outfit. It was a little pricey for just a ‘night-out’ at the time, but I have since worn this to many different occasions without regret- and it never fails to wow people. (I wore it once to the Ivy in Sydney & a very handsome gentleman said I was the best dressed girl there- true story ;)) I never liked those bandaged, tight, skimpy dresses anyway – nor does it like my pot belly, so wearing this long sleeved, swishy dress for a night of partying is the covert comfort. No nipple slips, no cold shoulders…Speaking of shoulders, the studded sleeves is a great conversation starter. People tend to touch it & then delightfully gasping that it’s just cleverly sewn…beads. By far my favourite night outfit.

Tip: Always be balanced. If you are going short & with open shoulders, add a cool black leather vest to add a bit of edge. If you are going long, maybe a sheer skirt, or a playsuit that is either backless or ‘topless‘, or long sleeved dress with a thigh high split. Dressing differently & not always scantily brings more attention to you. Why blend in?