I’ve had my eye on these Adidas Superstars for quite a while now, but I everytime I’m about to close the deal, they don’t have my size or whatever. Finally, I managed to just bite the bullet & get these in mens- yes MENS size 7 (I’m a 38/8 in womens & please don’t ask me whether they are US or AUS or EUR because frankly I don’t even know myself) Since the birth, I haven’t bought any new clothes at all & I haven’t worn much of my pre-birth clothing because it gets annoying when you are trying to breastfeed or express/pump your boobs…plus I hardly go out now, so I haven’t really had a reason for a new wardrobe (oh yea & we are trying to save $$$ since Centrelink is driving me nuts with the Parental Paid Leave) Instead I buy M cute clothing through Etsy, Pumpkin Patch or Bonds. Will post more of these up on my Instagram feed @ellebambi

Anyway, here is a little something I wore when I ran an errand the other day ha~Love the Superstars! The comfort factor is key and I like the balance of the new dressy-meets-casual vibe of the shoes.

IMG_6464_副本 IMG_6468_副本 IMG_6472_副本 IMG_6473_副本[Outfit: Long sleeve top- Missguided, White Maternity Bra/Tank top- Bonds, Skirt- ZARA, Shoes- Adidas Superstars, Bag- Sportsgirl, Sunglasses- Oroton]