For what feels like an eternity of me watching the Instagram feed of my favourite idols & friends with envy, as they spent their holidays (or life in general) in Bali, Thailand, Maldives, Greece (Santorini!) & insert other drool worthy places- while I froze here in Melbourne. So a BIG HELLO to you Italy- after one more sleep, I finally get to see you in person.

Starting from fashionably giddying Milan- where I will meet one of my friends work *cough Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper, to the continents most romantic city of Venice, travelling down to mountainous Finale Ligure, then driving down through the cute ports by the Riviera & stopping by the pastel rugged ‘towns’ of Cinque Terre. We will be moving up to heart of the renaissance- art capital Florence, where I’ll also meet my boyfriend David & then down to the picturesque Tuscany & lean on Pisa for support. Teleporting to the Amalfi Coast (oh hello Clooney) & finally resting in glorious Rome. I. Can’t. Wait.

Until then, follow me on my travels from my insta profile @ellebambi