Thought I’ll share a snapshot of what goes on in my life these days as a mama & a couple of the products we love & use.

7AM+ : If we are lucky, we would usually wake up around this time to the sounds of Marlowe talking to herself in her cot or her huffing & puffing as she moves around in her cot. (Her cot is in our room by the way!) I will then change her nappy, put her back in the cot to play with her toys while I brush my teeth & get ready for the day.

8AM+: We are in the living-room-turned-into-playroom. I let Marlowe crawl around the floor & get her ‘wigglies’ out. We use this play mat from Comflor which is AMAZING & so worth the price. Recently, I’ve been trying to get her to practise her crawling more by trying to put an object of interest at one end of the room & tell her to ‘come & get it!!’ So we play like this for a bit…I try my hardest to teach her new things- e.g everytime she holds an object, I’d tell her what it is or I’ll describe what I’m doing to her etc. It’s amazing to see how much they pick up- every now & then she will surprise me with something new~! (Recently it was blowing raspberries) I will cherish these moments so much when I head back to work in a month!

9AM+: She goes for her nap. Because Marlowe naps only for about 30-40Minutes, I have to be savvy with my spare time so I can get other things done. SO, usually, I will either: wash all her used bottles & dummies, do the laundry or pick up the dry laundry, pay the bills, tidy our room etc. If all these things were done previously, then I’d try to eat breakfast (which I usually skip yikes~!)

10-11AM: Time for Marlowes breakfast! Marlowe is awake & more hyper than before. I let her play in her activity jumper which keeps her busy while I prepare her food. The 360 deg style jumper is so handy compared to the Jolly Jumper– which I love as well but I find that I constantly have to run over to her to make sure she doesn’t knock her head into the door frame because she jumps like crazy! For breakfast, she loves her Cerelac & yoghurts which I usually pair with a fruit puree from Annabel Karmel which you can get at Coles.

12-1PM: Marlowe goes for her nap & I try to either eat a quick lunch or do other unfinished chores.

3PM+: Lunchtime! So I’ll give her some savoury homemade purees which contains meats & veggies which I freeze in these Nuby trays. To puree them, I either use a soup puree stick thing?! And the Nutri Bullet– god, they are amazing. (Mental note, a good housewarming gift!) I usually mix this with rice porridge (asian style) or sometimes she loves this mixed with her Cerelac too! Anything to get her eating! Thank God that she’s a good eater! She also loves her snacks like Rice Bubbles or these Organix rice biscuits. One of them look like cheezels & I can feel eyes judging me when I feed her that when we are out! They are super handy & yummy- even G loves eating them!

5-6PM: Marlowe has her last & third nap before she wakes for dinner & her bath time! Marlowe has some dermatitis & eczema on her skin, so we use the QV Baby range which really helped! G & I also use them for our face & helps with my dry spots (I occasionally have eczema too!) And we love our baby bathtub which we have been using since she was a newborn. It converts into a mini toddler tub. I can check her weigh all the time & the temperature of the water.

7-8PM: Marlowes quiet time so she can go to bed easier. We absolutely love our gifted Calming Seas Projection Soother & our Sleep SheepThey really help set the ‘sleepy’ ambience! I usually try to read to her or just show her picture books but these days she is too hyper so it’s hard to get her attention long enough for her to lie down, but when she does, she loves her gifted Usborne Touchy Feely books!

8PM+: Goodnight! We try to give Marlowe a big bottle before bed & if we are lucky, she will take it & sleep for a good 12+hours. But when she doesn’t she usually wakes up once or twice for a bottle feed. We have a thermos in the room filled with warm water & pre-measured formula for her feed but it would be nice if we had one of these…not sure how good they are though? Any ideas?