We completely loved our trip to Coles Bay in Tasmania last year, so this time, we chose to go on the Spirit of Tasmania to spend our Easter Long Weekend. The highlight was, you can bring your vehicle (and pets!)- but besides the amazing sunset view we caught, we didn’t find the ferry trip particularly spectacular. For example, on the website (video & description) it seemed to show lots of ‘entertainment’, but we were able to walk from one end of the ship to the other in about 2 minutes? The busiest area for congregating was deck 7 because that is where the buffet, cafes, theatre & “bars” are. Food was terrible AND pricey– with breakfast being the usual croissant etc. and lunch/dinner being charged per plate with the smallest at $18AUD+ for an entree size plate. Thank goodness we got a room, because we spent about 8-9 hours of the trip between sleeping & watching Simpsons marathon on TV (the theatre was filled with kids) I felt a little sea sick, so I would not have survived sitting in a couch (like 90% of the guests) for the duration of the trip. I also thought we can walk the decks (like in Titanic-silly me) but in truth, you can only access a very small part (the side) with most areas being of restricted access. All in all, the first trip in was bearable but the return trip was just torture for me.

To be fair, this trip would be great if you went with a group of family & friends- time would go so much faster (remember this is a trip that departs at 9AM & arriving at around 6-7PM). And the best thing is, you can pack what you want (besides the usual quarantine items like fruit/veges) If you are travelling with young kids, this ferry trip will blow their mind- plus they do have a playroom for kids.

If I were to go on the Spirit again, here is what I will do to make the trip better.

  • Bring a deck of playing cards or board game to play with your partner/friend
  • BYO water, snacks, sandwich…FOOD! (if not, prepare to pay $$$ on the ferry)
  • Motion sickness tablets
  • Laptop or portable TV/DVD player to watch
  • Eski- with my own alcoholic drinks
  • A comfy jacket for when you walk out on the deck- you would be surprised how many people neglected this & could not stand the winds outside
  • NOTE: Once you leave your car & the ship is in motion, you are unable to retrieve items from the car until you depart (so we left our snacks in there)

Thankfully, our actual time in Tasmania commiserated the disappointing ferry trip.

I loved the tree-lined streets, the endless backdrop of rolling hills,  the friendly people, and the wonderful, farm-fresh food. We hit up almost all of the places we had planned on like Ghost Rock winery, Hellyers Road Whiskey distillery & Cradle Rock Mountain, and still managed to find some downtime to enjoy our little cottage at Casa Verde.

IMG_4935_副本[Quiet morning Easter Friday. How I wish everyday traffic is always like this]IMG_4940_副本 IMG_4948_副本[Don’t let this photo fool you- I was actually quite sea sick. At Deck 8 where it is nice & quiet]IMG_4951_副本_副本
IMG_4954_副本 IMG_4961_副本 IMG_4978_副本[Sunset so surreal]
IMG_4990_副本 IMG_4995_副本[The view right outside our cottage at Casa Verde]IMG_4997_副本 IMG_5002_副本 IMG_5015_副本 IMG_5021_副本[Ghost Rock vineyard]IMG_5028_副本 IMG_5031_副本 IMG_5033_副本[Hellyers Road Distillery- a great place to take husbands who are into whiskey]IMG_5035_副本 IMG_5036_副本 IMG_5049_副本[Cradle Mountain hike so worth the aching thighs]IMG_5050_副本 IMG_5051_副本 IMG_5057_副本[Atop Marions Lookout]IMG_5066_副本[Mount Roland lookout]IMG_5067_副本