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Outfit [Mama Bird Tee, Levi High Waist shorts from Sunday Camberwell Market, Adidas Superstars, Belt unknown brand, Lashes from LMA lashes, Marlowes crochet dress from Handmadeforbabe]

Whew! What a week! So many milestones accomplished by baby M! The biggest was being on solids! Can you believe that she is about to hit her 6 month mark next weekend?! She is sitting with us at dinner, watching & learning so much! We got her this baby booster chair which is just so easy to use & comes with its own little tray. I only put her in there when we are ‘feeding’ her, but not for too long! We have not gotten a baby high chair just yet because I feel she is not quite ready- but will keep you all updated which one I end up with. Currently, I’m juggling between the Baby Bjorn, or Peg Perego (so expensive though!), so the Ingenuity baby boost chair does fine- for now! They sell it everywhere- Kmart, Target, Babies/Toys R us/ Harvey Norman…so if you get it less than $59, you have yourself a bargain! I get so giddy thinking about all the solids she should try! When I was at Coles, I looked so confused with what to get at the shelves, that a lovely mum ended up helping me. She pointed me to Annabel Karmels frozen food section! I ended up with this & this flavour to try it out! The range looks amazing & have been prepped into little cubes for you! I feel like the shelf ones get wasted so much once opened (especially when you use only a little), so this works perfect for me. At the same time, I am feeding her banana & will try pureed baby carrots etc soon. What did you guys start your babies on?

P.S I love this wall in the background. This was taken at our AirBNB’s drying terrace/balcony when we stayed in Coogee Beach in Sydney. The wall is a lovely peach colour,jJust that perfect bloggers background! If I lived there, I’d take photos there everyday!