Mondays have a bad reputation but I never thought I’d say that I’ve never had a worser Tuesday- especially when you had to be at work to deal with it. I consider myself quite resilient at work- I do my job & I try my best to accommodate everyones interests with the task handed & time given, but it really took its toll today and I completely broke down. Hey I’m only human. It quickly turned into a pathetic pity party for one and all I wanted to do was to go home & sleep it off. Why should I cry over silly people? They’re never going to know what they did, so why should I let myself suffer for it? A couple of work colleagues cheered me up- along with some magical Raffaellos. I had a mental shift to move forward instead & soldier on. To help remedy the situation, I quickly tried to focus on what I love & things that made me smile, like those Raffaellos- an upcoming trip this long weekend where we will be road-tripping to NSW.

What do you do to cheer up a sad day?

SONY DSC[Current favourite scent- Summer Rain by Candleworks, Chilled Sangria another favourite]