After a lovely stay at Finale Ligure which was the start of our Riviera roadtrip, we stopped at Cinque Terre & stayed at Casa Dei Limoni B & B in Monterrosso Al Mare- the biggest, problably most ‘resorty’ beach town of Cinque Terre. Our B & B literally translates to’ Lemon house’ & it’s easy to see why- it’s nestled on the top of a hill & it’s surrounded by Lemon groves. If you do come to Monterosso & would like to stay away from the crowds, have muscly calfs & lose water weight, you can try to stay here because to get up there, you have to hike upwards- luggages & all. Here’s what I learnt so far in Cinque Terre.

  • From talking to other visitors who have researched the hiking trails more than we did- apparently, the route from Monterrosso to the next town of Vernazza is the hardest & longest route (if you count per town individually) & I can atest to that since 2/3 of the hike was all uphill like 1000 steps & the rest was downhill. The view though when you are about to reach Vernazza, was well worth it. The last 3 trails to the last 3 towns were closed
  • You need to purchase a ticket to hike which can come in a combination of hiking trail & a train pass in case you give up on life after
  • We left early morning at 8AM to do the hike from our town to the next- took us about 2 & half hours (stopping & resting) It was really cool & shady during that time & the trail was empty. We also didn’t buy a ticket since nothing was opened… Oops! Didn’t get caught though
  • Vernazza is really, really small…there wasn’t a beach either so it was common to see visitors from other towns come to Monterosso instead
  • It costed us 30Euro to sit at the beach which had umbrella & sunbed, and it costs 25Euro if you opted for deck chairs with umbrella instead. Trust me you would prefer the ones with the umbrella since the sun is so hot, you really need that shady bit to rest it off…unless of course you want to buy an umbrella from the stalls which I think from memory cost almost 100Euro?
  • The $ you pay doesn’t get you table service. Meaning you have to go get your  own drinks- beer, mojito, snacks etc. It’s no wonder South East Asia beaches thrive- it’s so cheap & you get people offering massages & drinks
  • There are no coconuts
  • There’s a guy selling a coconut slice-yes, just a bloody coconut ‘slice’ for like 2Euros
  • Cinque Terre prides themselves with their anchovy dishes. Must try the antimisto of anchovies when ordering entrees, so you can taste the difference
  • Those temporary tattoos give you weird tan lines
  • Be careful of gypsies in trains & stations. They dress like tourists


 The view when we were about to arrive into Monterosso from the hill. 

  You can see the start of the trail to Vernazza on the cliffs  
It costs to sit here.   The start of our 2+hrs hike  
Cute love locks along the hike to Vernazza. Bring one if you are interested. The reward is cheese