What I learnt in Milan, or Italy so far:

  • “Customs” are pretty much non-existent on arrival. There was not even an X-Ray machine after you declare your arrival & collect your baggage. The guards were busy chatting & people just walked past without them even thinking to check for possible illegal items. 
  • ‘Prego’ did not mean they knew I was Preggers, but really it means: You’re Welcome! 
  • You’re not to drink Cappucino after 11:30AM
  • Prices of branded goods here ain’t that much different to Australia- even local ones like Prada. Disappointing I know
  • Dress fashionable here 
  • So MANY hot chicks here with really simple but sexy fashion
  • Milan apartments have really majestic wooden doors
  • Most coffee shops require you to pay & order at counter before you sit down. Some gelati stores require you to pay first, get a ticket & present it at the ice cream counter to get your gelati.
  • Esselungo is Coles/ Woolies equivalent 
  • I have seen a true Eurotrash
  • Bras are optional
  • Buy train tickets at Tobbaco shops or Newsagencies 
  • If you already have a Eurorail train ticket (which transport you by train from one city to another) make sure you get it stamped at the ticket office when at Milano Centrale (like the NYC Grand Central) Beware of hustlers in the ticket office which try get you to buy a ticket from the self-serve machines. You need to line up at the “Turno” line which issues you a ticket (think Medicare or supermarket delis queuing system) and the wait for your ticket number to be called. Then show your Eurorail & Passport to get it stamped. I only say this as a hustler convinced us we didn’t need a stamp as we already have tickets & then only to be told after at the departures hub we needed the stamp. So we have to go all the way down again to the ticket office which was a pain since we were travelling with luggage & it was a very busy train station. 
  • Don’t pee at the Milano Centrale- it will cost you 1 EURO!! Most expensive piss system ever…

   One of the many beautiful wooden doors in Milan.

  Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II- there is a GUCCI cafe in there.    Chilling under shade in a beautiful back alley Piazza where many gathered to eat Luinis Panzerotti!

 Enjoying Gelati whilst people watching. Can you spot the Duomo?Dress by Mossman