With only being here for 2 nights & 3 days, I had to know the city well enough to navigate freely & quick– especially when amongst the throngs (and I mean mass hoardes) of other tourists like myself visiting this beautiful city. 
So this is what I learnt from Venice:

  • There are no ‘street names’ so don’t bother asking people what street your accomodation is in or the restaurant you are after. Similarly if you try to type in the name into Google maps- it would not appear. People here use ‘area’ names. Like how we use suburb names to indicate to others where we live. So best to look for landmarks like churches in Google maps around your place of interest & then ask for directions there. 
  • Venice is sinking by 2MM every year- says my Gondola man
  • There are no more parking for boats in Venice
  • Seafood is a BIG thing here in Venice
  • Most pasta dishes don’t actually have meat like how we are spoilt in Australia. In Milan, I picked a ‘Milanese’ special risotto & it was literally just risotto. Here I opted for Penne thingymajig, and it came with just the Pomodoro (tomato) sauce. 
  • The garbage guys look like Zegna models
  • ‘Spritz’ is the drink have in Summer. 
  • Please wake up early & leave your bed at 7AM to walk the city or better yet- to Saint Marcs Square. You will THANK me. And this is the best way to remember your way around the winding alleys & take epic blog photos when there are absolutely no other tourists around.
  • Have I already said there are wayyyy too many tourists
  • Take of photo of the Rialto bridge- don’t need to walk it. Seriously. 
  • It only took us about an hour to line up in the ticket queue to get a pass for the waterboats- where you tap & go before entering (kinda like a Myki) 
  • Palace Ducale is my favourite place- only because we got to enter before anyone else & had what felt like our own private tour
  • Use insect spray before you go out in the evening
  • Again, don’t pee in public ‘WC’ (water closets) unless you are seriously desperate enough to pay 1.5EUROs to pee…wait until you go eat at a cafe or something. You still pay a little more than eating take away but it feels much more worth it 

   Our nice & ‘quiet’ Gondola ride as it was in the Campo Ghetto Nuovo area. The going rate for gondola rides is about 80Euros for 30 mins  In the mesmerising Palace Ducale (Doge Palace)  More pretty doors  See how much better it is without tourist groups that start coming in at about 10AM St Marks Basilica, early morning around 8AM