Untitled #29
The shift in weather has given me sleeping issues lately… (well the pregnancy play a part too) & its got me craving some of these items. Dreaming of sleeping in silky/satin nighties through the warm balmy nights. I live in dresses like the one on top left to accomodate my growing belly & omg guys, have you smelt the new range of Aerin perfumes by Estee Lauder? Aren’t they the perfect spring scents? It’s peony season too & I absolutely love them just because they make a dull room look uber pretty. I’m not typically a girly girl, but peonies are my exception. Also the Guo Pei lipstick range from M.A.C is looking so pretty *promising myself to try them if I ever get a chance.
 OK, I’m currently in the mode where when I hunt for clothes, I’d have to figure out if 1. it will fit my current growing belly & 2. will I or can I wear this again after my pregnancy? 3. How soon will I be able to wear it after birth? So here are the styles I’m loving lately. P.S anything ribbed is soooo easy to wear for pregnancy! Happy end of Sunday peoples! xx