Before I fell pregnant, I scoffed at the idea of ‘packing’ nappy bags- I mean how hard can packing a nappy bag be right? When I was pregnant, the thought of carrying around a nappy bag packed with all of the essentials slowly became daunting- all these horror but funny stories I hear from friends “Poop explosions! Ran out of milk! No milk bottle!” (which happened to me!) And then after giving birth, each time I brave my first few trips out of the house with M, I get super stressed about what I needed to pack. I’d stress so much  that I’d end up forgetting things & was late for every appointment or meeting with friends! OK, I get that a nappy bag will obviously include nappies & wipes, but how was I supposed to know what else I’d need, the things that were unnecessary, and how I’d be lugging it all around? It turned out to be one of the many ‘intimidating-only-until-you-cross-that-bridge-and-experience-it’ things about parenthood and I perfected my bag pretty quickly. Here’s a glimpse into what I take for M and myself anytime we leave the house. What stuff do you other mums pack that you can’t leave the house without?

The Essentials:

Nappies: I would pack about 4 each time. When M was younger she would poop on average every 2 hours & do this thing where once I changed her, she would poop again! So if I was out to meet a friend for a quick coffee catch up, I’ll bring 2 nappies. If I was out for say 6 hours, I’d take 3-4.

Baby Wipes: While I typically use these for cleaning her, they’re also great for spills, messes & my hands too!

**We use Moony baby wipes

Anti Bacterial Wipes: I don’t like liquid hand sanitisers, because I feel like it doesn’t get rid of the mess on my hands etc, but wiping it on these wipes just kills two birds with one stone. Also can be used to wipe high chairs, tables, M’s toys that fall on the ground etc.

Nappy Rash Cream: To protect her bum bum & create a barrier between the waste & her skin

Nappy Changing Pad: While I am not a total germophobe, I get a little freaked out by change tables in public/parents restrooms. Plus they are usually so hard & I imagine, uncomfortable for M to lay on, so I make sure I bring along our own change pad (plus it means we can create a makeshift changing area no matter where we go).

Plastic bags: (Psst! Get those doggy bag ones that come in the plastic holders!) These fall under the learn-as-you-go category since carrying around soiled nappies until you find a bin isn’t an ideal situation (esp when they are on solids!) Also the dirty looks people give you when you throw an unbagged diaper into a bin (notice the irony?)- no pun intended.
Bibs: Marlowe is teething, so she is always so droolly! And after her milk bottle, her bib is always soaking wet. We always leave the house with her wearing one, but make sure to have an extra dry one with us as well.

**I really love these ones from Tommee Tippee because the style goes right under her chin, leaving no gap between where liquids or solids can leak into lalaland her neck. Plus the simple colours go with any outfit!

Formula Dispenser + Bottle + Flask: For when she needs a feed.

**We use MAM Anti-Colic Bottles which can self sterilise, making it an awesome travel item without lugging your huge steam steriliser.


Extra clothes: Babies & Children are messy creatures. Actually so am I. Extra clothes are helpful for spills, poop explosions…and poop explosions, or just tiny bits of poop/pee spilling out on the sides. Or just when the bib fails. Oh, or when it gets chilly, it’s handy to have a cardigan, or socks.

Comforter/ Toy: I bring her comforter so she can sleep in her pram, and a toy for when she is awake & restless. So friend & I can chat for that extra 2 minutes undisturbed.

**We use these toys: This, this & This. This hangs on our pram which she loves grabbing.

Teething Rusks: For when we are eating & she feels like joining in, I give her a teething biscuit, which promptly lasts for 2 minutes before it drops on the floor. So I bring 2.

**We use this teething toy: Sofie

Dummies: For when all the above fails falls on the floor. She also needs this to sleep in her pram or just chill out.

**We use MAM Dummies which comes in its own steriliser box

Hope this helps!